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Foam Fabrication

Foam Fabrication Foam Fabrication Foam Fabrication Foam Fabrication

Arrow Crating and Packaging specializes in engineered custom foam solutions for your packaging requirements, no matter how simple or complex. We offer competitive pricing and in-house design giving our customers quality service and savings. Below is our selection of foam materials and methods of foam fabricating.

Foam Materials


Vertical and Horizontal Cutting of Packaging Foams: used to cut large planks and buns of foam to smaller dedicated sizes.

Die Cutting of Foam and Rubber: method of punching out custom parts and shapes used for protective packaging and gaskets.

Convoluting of Polyurethane Foam: Process of creating an egg shape foam sheet used mostly as top and bottom cushions inside a carton to protect irregular shaped fragile items. This process is popular in the electronics industry using anti-stat polyurethane foam.

Profile Cutting of Foam: Computer controlled band saw used for three dimensional shapes.

CNC Flash Cutting and Routing of Foam: precise capabilities in cutting, scoring, kiss cutting, perforating and variable depth routing up to 5" thick.

Cold Melt Laminating: a method of adhering two parts (ex. foam to corrugated) using a cold glue spray adhesive created specifically for the packaging industry.

Heat Welding of Foam: another method of adhering two parts together without using a medium, only hot air to melt the foam enough to weld the parts together.

Hot Melt: most common way in combining two products together whether it be foam to foam or foam to another surface, this method using hot glue dispensed by either a gun or roller depending upon the application.

Assembly of Protective Packaging: Arrow Crating and Packaging offers a complete packaging service using all of the above to complete a finished package that will protect and enhance your special product.

Arrow Crating and Packaging is your single source for custom custom wood crates and packaging in the Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and Delaware Tri-State Area.

Arrow Crating and Packaging serves the Philadelphia, PA, Delaware, and New Jersey, Tri State Area
for all of their unique packing and shipping requirements.

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