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Wood Crating

Arrow Crating & Packaging is #1 in CRATING SERVICES in the Philadelphia,Pa, New Jersey, and Delaware Tri-State Area.

Wood Crating

Wood Crating

Wood Crating

Arrow Information Packaging can help you design and build any crate or pallet to meet your domestic or international shipping needs that are reliable and cost effective. We only use heat-treated wood and are certified monthly to meet IPPC-ISPM 15. For those products that need added protection, our foam fabrication department will create a custom cushion and support.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about all Military & Federal Specifications, as well as custom foam, hardware and paint requirements. We pride ourselves in our level of service and provide total assistance for all your crating and packing needs, in-house or on-site. Whether you demand custom crating and palletizing for unique cargo or high volume packaging, we have the quality skills, tools, and available materials to succeed.

Discover the benefits of our custom crates and wood packaging services.


Arrow Crating and Packaging is a family owned business that partnered with global logistic companies to ensure our customer's packaging, crating and shipping needs for domestic and international shipments. Arrow delivers Crating and Shipping Solutions that ensure your items arrive safe, damage free and on time. Our services are designed to simplify your projects while saving you time and money.


Foam Inserts, customized interiors, vapor barriers, blocking and bracing, stencils, latches, hinges, handles, castors, paint, separate compartments, pallet boxes, 3-sided containers, two way or four-way entry, Skid Mates

Wooden Crates

Mil-Spec Crates, Fine Art Crates, Production Crates, Storage Crates, Wooden Boxes, Commercial Crates, Industrial Crates, Trade Show Crates, LCD TV Crates, Wood Storage Vaults, Crate Furniture, Medical Equipment Crates, Sensitive Electronic Equipment Crates, Export Shipping Crates, Reusable Crates

Specifications: Wood Crate and Pallet Standards

ASTM D6251
Standard Specification for Wood Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes

ASTM D6039
Standard Specification for Crates, Wood, Open & Covered

Military Specification for Boxes, Ammunition Packing: Wood, Nailed

Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Nailed & Lock-Corner

Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Cleated Plywood

Military Specification for Wood Pallet

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Arrow Crating and Packaging serves the Philadelphia, PA, Delaware, and New Jersey, Tri State Area
for all of their unique packing and shipping requirements.

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